Into The Wilderness


ITW #9 - Call to the Hunting Community - Serious Threat!

July 18, 2017

Welcome to "Into the Wilderness" Episode #9, a regular podcast brought to you by This is an episode every Hunter and Fisherman needs to hear. I am sorry listeners, I had to delay this episode due to needing to redo the original one due to becoming too passionate about this issue which is going to kill our ability to hunt and fish.

This episode started from an article about Billy Busbice Jr, a star on the Outdoor Channel. This moron goes out and poaches a calf elk and wastes the meat (actually hides it) to take a "trophy" elk. Listen to the podcast... IT GOES WAY beyond Billy boy. Its an set of issues which will critically affect us as a hunting and fishing community if we don't police it today!

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